Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Babka

Polish Grandmother's Bread....for Easter 'Oh "10"

Photo: Mary Ann Rice

I was asked by my son's paternal grandmother this year to consider trying my hand at making Babka from scratch.  Having this polish sweetbread at the table on Easter has been a traditional for our family.  We now live in a part of the country where polish Babka needs to be trucked in and there is only one place that we are aware of that consistently carries it.  Worse than that, if you don't place an order ahead of time, you can find yourself Babkaless at this most holiest of meals... 

Photo: Alisa Ljundquist

Started out of necessity, this has turned out to be a great new bread offering in my culinary repertoire.  I may not be a Polish Grandmother in real life, but at least I can play one on the internet!

Photo: Mary Ann Rice

After searching high and low for that "Perfect Babka Recipe", I found a video which featured Martha Stewart's mom sharing her Babka making techniques.  

Martha's mother was polish, probably a grandmother, and came highly recommended - so I gave her a shot.  She did not let me down.  Here's the link to the Original Video and recipe.

I will say I was very careful with temperatures and had my instant read thermometer in hand while scalding the milk and warming the water for the yeast.  Additionally, I was careful to weigh the flours and match the consistencies as noted in the video.  

I made three Babkas total.  I made a braided loaf for my mom to take home, a round for the Easter meal, and a cinnamon swirl loaf just for fun. Here is my source for the filling on this most delicious, calorie laden treat.

Prep Time:  About 2-1/2 hours
Cook Time:  About 40 minutes
Servings:  Plenty

Recipe Source:  Easter Babka.  Originally aired on the "Martha Stewart Living" show.

Recipe Links:  
Here's a good Chocolate Babka and Cinnamon Filling Link.
Here's another more decadent Chocolate Babka - a belt buster for sure.
Here's one that shows a jewish and a polish version along with an age tested way of braiding your loaf.


  1. oh my oh my! i think i will need to take a course in patience and detail orientation to try this one. Way to go, James!

  2. Exquisite. One child to inspire and the other to cook. Add Nascar to that and we have a PARTY!

    5 stars for Jojo's Chicken Pot Pie.

    Hugs, Mother Mary

  3. I love Babka but I haven't made it in several years. I think I will have to practice it again a couple of times and try it. Looks good!


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